Your Table Saw Blade Really Matters


Before you even think about buying a saw blade, it is important to make sure you have one that is designed for your table saw. The wrong blade will not only be able to give you a smooth and precise cut, it can also be a potential safety hazard. When it is time to replace your table saw blade, here are a few things to consider.

Table Saw Blade Basics

Your table saw blade is a circular blade that spins as it cuts the wood that is moving towards it. The blade height can usually be adjusted to change cutting depths and angles for different types of wood working projects. The sharp, durable table saw blade is generally constructed from metal, and some include carbon composite tipped teeth for additional strength to prevent breakage.

There are different sized table saw blades, along with different types. The number of teeth can also vary depending on the table saw blade. A good point to remember is that the more teeth your blade has the smoother the cut. This type of table saw blade also tend to be more expensive than ones with fewer teeth. The most important things to remember before picking a saw blade is to make sure that it will fit your table saw, and that it is designed for your specific needs.

Table Saw Blade Reviews

Dewalt Table Saw Blade 10 60TDEWALT DW3106P5D60I Series 20 10-Inch 60T Fine Finish Saw Blade, 2-Pack

With 60 teeth you will get a smooth cut every time, and the thin blade design lets you quickly slice planks and cut grooves and angles. The table saw blade is precisely balanced for accuracy, and the shoulder features a wedge design for a heavy cut on hardwood. This table saw blade will fit most 5/8 inch arbors.

Freud Diablo 10 80T Table Saw Blade D1080XFreud D1080X Diablo 10-Inch 80-tooth ATB Finish Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor and PermaShield Coating

80 teeth give you a smooth and precise cut quickly, and this 10″ saw blade will fit almost all 5/8″ arbors. It is shock resistant and features carbide tips for additional strength, and is laser cut for balance and accuracy. The saw blade also helps to reduce noise, and is resistant to warping from heat.

Freud Ripping Saw Blade 10 24T LU87R010Freud LU87R010 10-Inch 24-Tooth FTG Thin Kerf Ripping Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor and PermaShield Coating

Titanium and carbide make this 10″ table saw blade long lasting and durable, while the 24 teeth are ideal for ripping planks and boards. The thin design means you use less power, while still being able to feed the wood through at a faster rate. This ripping saw blade is ideal for any table saw with a motor that is less than 3 HP.

Freud 8 Professional Dado Blade SD208Freud SD208 8-Inch Professional Dado

No workshop is complete unless it has a dado blade for cutting grooves, and this is one of the best. The dado blade is constructed for carbide and titanium for long lasting durability, and also includes a shim for making micro adjustments. The dado blade is able to go from a quarter of an inch up to 13/16 of an inch, moving in 1/16 inch measurements.

CMT Cabinet Saw Blade 10 60T 221.060.10Industrial Cabinetshop Saw Blade – D 10 | T 60 | G TCG | B 5/8 | C PTFE

This cabinet saw blade is 10″ in diameter and has 60 teeth for smooth, even cuts. It is designed to give you the heavier cuts you need for panels and doors, and has carbide teeth for long lasting sharpness. Able to cut through both hardwood and plywood, it is the ideal table saw blade for any professional woodworker.



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