SKIL 5680-02 Circular Saw with Laser Cutline & Safety Lock

This particular table saw comes with a laser cutline guide that helps in getting accurate cuts to the material. The power on the indicator helps to understand when…
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This particular table saw comes with a laser cutline guide that helps in getting accurate cuts to the material. The power on the indicator helps to understand when to plug in the tool. The table saw also comes with the safety lock or the guarded trigger which minimizes the accidental starts. It has a wide foot plate that provides stability for cutting a material.

Key Features

  • 51 Degree Bevel Adjust w/Positive Stop at 45 Degree for increased accuracy.
  • Power-On Indicator lets you know when the tool is plugged in.
  • Laser Cutline Guide for accurate cuts.
  • Safety Lock or Guarded Trigger Minimizes Accidental Starts.

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Review on the SKIL 5680-02 Table Saw

This particular saw we are talking about here is a durable one that you might be searching for a long time. This table saw is equipped with the technology of cutting directly from the deck. It at the same time provides straight cuts which are not easy to find when you are choosing a small and compact saw. This particular table saw comes handy because the laser that comes with the same provides a line with the help of which you can get an accurate cut with the same. If for a long time you are experiencing the problem of your saw not cutting through straight line then this particular table saw is a perfect solution.

You might have some problem with the spindle lock which is a bit rigid. It thus makes the blade change a bit difficult. But every problem has a solution and this one too has a solution. Just put a small piece of wood in the blade to tighten up the spindle nut. But that doesn’t interfere with the working of the table saw. You will get one interesting thing with the saw and it is a carry bag, so, you can take it with you anywhere you want. You can change the blade easily with the help of a wrench.

  • SKIL-5680-02 15-Amp-7-14-Inch-SKILSAW-Circular-Saw-with-Laser-View1


  • The laser of the saw is very good.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is durable.
  • It is best for somebody who has just started with the experience of working with a saw.
  • It is portable due to the carrying bag that comes with the same.


  • The blades of the saw are not appropriate for high ends work. It is best suited for the amateur hobbyist.

Final Verdict

Thus, summing up the saw it can be said that it is a perfect small and compact saw that every other person who loves carpentry would want for the same. This particular saw has every other characteristic which is needed for a perfect saw. The best part of the saw is its laser that makes it a stand out among the other saw in the market. Moreover, the price of this particular saw is it’s another attribute which makes it a perfect choice on the part of the customer.



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