Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Saw : Durable & Safe

The measurement of this particular table saw is about 69 1/8 inch, 45 inch and 34 ¾ inch. The finishing of…
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The measurement of this particular table saw is about 69 1/8 inch, 45 inch and 34 ¾ inch. The finishing of the table saw is very sleek. The fence of the table saw has a T-Glide system of about 36 inches for a precise and smooth cutting. It provides great mobility to work in jobsite and a mobile base.

Key Features

  • It has 36 inches of professional T-Glide fence system that provides smooth operation, precision measurement and sure lockdown without deflection.
  • Unmatched fit and finish with a keen attention to detail.
  • Mobility options like Job Site Cart and Mobile Base

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Review on the Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Table Saw

If you are somebody who loves to work with wood then this particular table saw is a great option. It is a great running machine that works beautifully and is very smooth. The safety feature of this particular table saw is great for the expectations it provides. The blade guards and the zero clearance inserts make it a great one to work with. Moreover, the fence that comes with the same is the best when compared to its other counterparts.

The price of this particular table saw is another attribute of the same which makes it a desirable product among the customers. The assembling of the table saw is very easy and takes less time than you cannot think about. The table saw start working immediately after the installation of the same is completed. The fence of the table glides smoothly on the table. You can easily store the same anywhere you like and that is the most convenient part of using this particular table saw. Put it in a shelf and you are safe until the next time you work with it. The whole machine is a perfect combination of all the elements that makes it a perfect table saw for the price it comes.

  • Sawstop-CNS175-TGP36 1-34-HP-Contractor-Saw-with-36-Inch-Professional-T-Glide-Fence-System-including-Rails-and-Extension-Table-View

Pros :

  • It is easy to install.
  • It starts working immediately without any glitch.
  • The blades of the table saw provide a good cut.
  • It is durable.
  • The cut is very smooth.
  • The safety factor of the table saw is great.
  • The table saw is well designed.

Cons :

  • The manual that comes with the table saw is not that effective when comes to assembling the same. But you can easily arrange the whole thing together even without the help of the manual.
  • The brake module of the table saw gets cold easily. So, that was a source of problem for some customers.

Final Verdict

Overall, it can be said that the whole process of the installing, running and working with the particular table saw is the best experience you can think about. It has no such problem that can interfere with the working of the same. It is the perfect solution to your carpentry back home. Moreover, the price of the table saw makes it even more a reason to buy the same.



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