DEWALT DWS780 Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

The table saw here in question is integrated with the XPS cross cut positioning that gives an adjustment free cut for indication where the cut should be. The motor…
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The table saw here in question is integrated with the XPS cross cut positioning that gives an adjustment free cut for indication where the cut should be. The motor of the table saw is very good and provides a 15 AMP of power and the motor of the same provides 3,800 rmp of power and durability. The fence of the table saw provides a cut up to 2/ 16 at 90 degrees and 2/12 at 45 degrees. The stainless steel miter of the table saw has 10 positive spots that help in elevating the cut accuracy. The dust collection of the table saw contains 75% of the total dust collected. One thing that should be kept in mind with the table saw is that the same doesn’t come with any stand.

Key Features

  • The table saw has an integrated XPS with cross cut placing system that delivers alteration free cut streak sign.
  • The motor of the table saw is about 3,800 rpm and delivers a 15 amp power for a better and extended durability.
  • The back fence of the table saw is exclusive which in turn provides cuts of about to 2 by 16 dimensional lumber at 90-degrees, 2 by 12 at 45 degrees
  • The stainless steel made miter detent plate of the table saw comes with10 positive stops that elevate the accuracy and the productivity of the same.
  • Its dust collection system is efficient enough to catch 75 percent of the total dust accumulated.

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Review on the DEWALT DWS S780 Table Saw

The particular table saw here in question is great for somebody who loves to work back home or is a hobbyist when it comes to carpentry. It is one such saw that does many kinds of work and that too in a small span of time. The table saw works the moment everything falls in to place. You might be very surprised to know that having a motor of about 15 amps and with a whooping blade of about 12 inches this particular table saw still manages to quiet and very balanced. Another great part of the particular table saw is that you can carry the whole things without any itch.

The saw comes with another good feature and that it comes with markings for all angles and bevels. The suaveness and the quality that this particular table saw provides can come as a surprise for person who thinks that reasonable price cannot fetch good products. Each and every part of the table saw runs accordingly without a single catch up and that is a pretty good feature. The slide that comes with the table saw is also smooth and well built. The table saw works without any vibration that is a good feature when it comes to choosing a table saw. The XPS system that comes with the table saw has stream of LED lights that use the shadow of the same to determine the cut in the lumber. This technology in turn helps in providing a better kind of cut when it comes to getting the accurate mark on the cut.

  • DEWALT-DWS780-12-Inch-Double-Bevel-Sliding-Compound-Miter-Saw-View1

Pros :

  • The XPS system helps in getting a better cut to the work piece.
  • The blades are long enough.
  • It is clamor-free.
  • It is vibration free.
  • The table saw can be carried to any place.
  • The price of the table saw is very reasonable.
  • The dust collecting capacity of the table saw is great.

Cons :

  • The linear bearing of the slide is a bit edgy and have created a bit of problem for some customers.

Final Verdict

While summing up the table saw it can be said that the same is perfect for somebody who is a hobbyist carpenter. Its features like, low in sound, dust collection capacity, XPS system and those blades are those features that cannot be found easily when it comes down to choosing a particular table saw. Though some of the customers had a problem with the slide but that number is few and it doesn’t pose any problem when it comes down to its performance. It is one such product that can always get an upper hand when it comes to buying the same compared to its other contemporaries.



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