See What Can You Do With a Dado Insert


The ability to attach a dado blade to your table saw can make a noticeable difference in the type of woodworking projects you will be able to finish. This small attachment can be used on all types of woods including the hard cherry and mahogany. If you have never used one of these blades before, there is a whole world of woodworking waiting to be discovered.

 What is a Dado Insert

A dado blade is often referred to as a circular saw blade, and it is used to cut grooves in the wood. It is used to change the angle of the blade along the arbor shaft so you can easily cut the grooves or dadoes that you need to connect joints. It is a handy tool that many woodworkers could not imagine completing a project without using it.

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Dado Blade by Ridgid

The Ridgid R4512 Dado Insert is ideal for cabinetry, wood carving, and for cutting grooves in support beams for wooden ship hulls. It can also be used for unique relief carvings, and for framing with timber. Fit joints securely together for bookshelves and cabinets, and create a perfectly even wood frame with accurate cuts and measurements.

The zero clearance means that you don’t have to use a riving knife to help keep the wood from bucking, and will also prevent the dado insert from lifting up on the initial cut. Constructed from a durable metal alloy and made in the U.S.A., it is a high quality blade that is also extremely affordable. A coated surface also helps the dado insert to smoothly glide along without any problems.

The Cut and Fit

Designed to fit the high performance Ridgid table saw this dado insert screws quickly and easily in place so you can get right to work. Cut angled grooves for corner joints, or square slots for inserting support beams for decorative ceilings and boat hulls. It is easy to use, and is even able to let you cut small slivers of wood for decorative details or for the perfect fit.

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Create and Design with a Dado Insert

 See how much more you can do with a dado insert from Ridgid. It is easy to attach to the table saw, and will give you the ability to explore your creative side. Work with hard and soft woods on all types of projects that include frames, cabinets, and even bird houses. Adjust the angle and width of the cuts with a minor adjustment, and turn your next woodworking project into a work of art.


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