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Types of Table Saws

When you are trying to find the right table saw for your woodworking needs, it is important to understand the different types. These saws are generally divided into four separate categories, which each one designed for a specific type of work. Knowing which type of table saw you will need can help you find the right one for your workshop.

  • Easy to lift and move around to different jobs, portable table saws are an invaluable tool for carpenters. This woodshop tool is able to perform all of the jobs of the larger models, only on a smaller scale. Portable table saws are lighter for two different reasons, they use a universal motor and are constructed with an aluminum top.

    You can expect to find portable table saws louder with less power, but they are easier to move around the job site. A portable saw is ideal for ripping and cutting materials that are in sheets, but they will not be capable of working with hardwoods or giving you the intricate details many woodworking projects require.

  • These saws are identified by the open design that also includes an affordable price. Contractor saws can still be portable, normally weighing between 250 and 350 pounds. You will find them in both small commercial and home workshops, and these wood working saws are also popular with hobbyists.

    Constructed with a solid cast iron table top for long lasting durability, the extended table wings are also manufactured from a strong metal. To make contractor saws easier to move to different jobs, the motor is generally attached to the back of the arbor with a V belt. The arbor assembly, trunnions, and gears are also less bulky on a contractor table saw than on the more expensive wood saws.

    Contractor saws are ideal for crafting small cabinets and furniture, and can also be used for trim and edge work. These saws are affordable and powerful enough for any hobbyists, which is why these are the most common type of table saw in home woodworking shops.

  • A cabinet saw is easily recognizable by the enclosed base, and attached table. More expensive than contractor and portable saws, it is designed for use by a professional woodworker. Durable and powerful, a cabinet saw can give you the performance you need to finish and creative or elaborate wood project.

    Heavier and not designed to be portable, cabinet table saws are constructed from cast iron or steel, and feature bulkier trunnions, arbor assemblies, and gears. This lets the saw cut easily through all types of hardwoods, without causing wear and tear to the saw's settings or alignment. These table saws are also easier to use with less muscle strength required from you.

    Unlike the smaller model table saws, the motor is fully enclosed in the cabinet base. This helps to reduce the noise level when working, and makes cleaning wood dust off easier. A cabinet saw is designed to be precise in all of its cuts, and is more expensive. For woodworkers who depend on perfection from their tools a cabinet table saw is the best choice for them.

  • Designed as an affordable answer to the more expensive cabinet saws, hybrid saws are quickly becoming popular among woodworking hobbyists. The cabinet base encloses and protects the motor, while the shorter styled legs make it easy to move around. The arbor system and trunnions are heavier than portable table saws, and the belt drive system is often more advanced.

    It is easier to align the blade on a hybrid saw, giving you the precision of an expensive model without the high price. While these table saws still cannot give you all of the power you'd expect from a professional model, they are the closer you can get for your home workshop. The motors are also smaller on a hybrid saw so you can easily plug them into any 110V electrical outlet.